Protect your data, your IP, and your company's health

on an immutable blockchain ledger turbocharged with global cyber-security protection

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Drive product performance, patient outcomes & public health with robust platform capabilities, platform flexibility,

and solutions like these...


  • Optimize product development through direct feedback loops from consumers

  • Outpace competitors by sharing the science in your products

  • Highlight the social impact of your brand through supply chain storytelling

  • Identify optimal customers, acquisition targets, and distribution channels

  • Produce superior formulations from associative analytics 

  • Determine associations between scientific inputs and consumer behavior

  • Determine superior product attributes unique to a single product, crop, or component

  • Customize analytics that identifies both risk and opportunity

  • Collect & connect custom data sets to deliver personalized health products 


  • Connect eligible patients to clinical trials and research studies

  • Inform consumers on likely product response based on unique health inputs

  • Enable research that protects individual data ownership for life

  • Harness insights through a hypothesis testing engine that eliminates cognitive bias

  • Overlay sets of the system and individual data to identify intricate interrelations 

  • Characterize nutraceutical & adaptogenic traits down to the molecular level

  • Correlate scientific inputs with chemical makeup & subjective claims for clinically evident discovery

  • Aggregate subjective data from product interactions to optimize the identification of prospective clinical trials

  • Request a new input from a participant while protecting their identity & the security of their data



  • Control and monitor quality and product performance across multiple suppliers

  • Authenticate products and raw materials

  • Verify product identification data against original manufacturing data anywhere in the supply chain

  • Detect contaminant risks in products down to the single crop level

  • Implement supply chain transparency standards down to the raw material producer to reduce fraudulent practices 

  • Identify bad actors & risk hot spots through intelligence layered over global datasets


  • Harness, protect & transmit critical data for the management of public health

  • Protect IP across decentralized stakeholders

  • Gather, de-identify & transmit critical data for epidemiological studies

  • Digitize, protect, sort, and analyze data from faxed or printed documents

  • Manage capacity and align resources from thousands of independent suppliers

  • Rapidly identify and notify subsets of at-risk stakeholders across massive, decentralized networks of suppliers, providers, patients without disrupting data privacy or security

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