Cubelink is aiming to provide a variety of Tech Services to its international clients. Services that will enable trust in the supply chain process of ei. food, commodities, semi-manufactured products, and more.

Cubelink is also using GPU and FPGA resources to provide full-scale HPC and ML as a B2B service.

By utilizing low cost, high-quality development resources, and our international network, Cubelink is aiming to transform societies globally.


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Rob els

Robert has a long history in sales and large scale business deals.


He is also the founder of Tru Organica Ltd, a global company working with industrial hemp and its distillation to CBD focused products.

Robert is a firm believer in smart contracts and deployment of AI in all its potential during the coming years.

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frederik Vyncke

Frederik has a background as head of procurement having worked at Volvo, Siemens, Bombardier Transportation, Atlas Copco, GKN Driveline and more


In recent years he has been CEO for a group of data centers in Sweden plus engaged and invested in multiple start-ups operating in IoT , AI and Fintech.

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jordan hammond 

Jordan has many years of experience as CTO having worked with RBS (London), BetFair and setting up data engines for Txodds and more.


He is the pinnacle of connecting our smart technology with our partners locally and globally.

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vijay jahirdar

Vijay has 2 decades of experience working with ASIC/FPGA R&D for multinational companies


The technologies he masters are cryptography, microcontrollers, and display subsystems.


HE has worked for Intel, Texas Instruments and as a freelance agent.